1. I can’t login to the site

Signing in is easy, but you need to have an Electroneum account. This is the account where the wallet you accept ETN payments with is stored. If you don’t have an Electroneum account, simply visit www.electroneum.com for more information and to download the Electroneum app.

2. I know a local business accepts ETN, but I can’t find it on the map

Your local merchant may not have listed their business on ETN Everywhere yet. Be sure to let them know about the platform to help them reach more customers and grow their business.

3. I submitted a listing, but I can’t see it on the site

Your listing is submitted to the team to review and verify before it is set live. When it is approved, you can see your listing on the site, as well as in your account, under ‘My Listings’. If your listing is not approved, the team will contact you and ask you to make the relevant corrections and resubmit the listing.

4. My business is listed, but I can’t find it under ‘My Listings’ in my account

Your business may have been listed on your behalf by the ETN Everywhere team. Simply email the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will help resolve the issue for you.

5. I have more than one business

Great! Then add a listing for each business you own. Your listing will create a pin on our map, so you can have a listing (and a pin) for each business address or type of business.

6. I want to make changes to my business listing

You can access your business listings, when you log in, under ‘My Listings’. Select the listing you want to edit and make the changes you require. When you submit the changes, your listing will be updated when the team have verified the changes are in line with the rules of use.

7. I want to remove my listing

You can delete your listings from within your account under ‘My Listings’. Just select the X by the listing you’d like to remove and confirm your deletion.

8. I have a website and would like to accept ETN

That’s great news! And we’ve made it even easier for you. We have a range of the latest eCommerce plugins available for download at https://etneverywhere.com/en/resources/ecommerce-plugins.

9. I have a store and accept ETN, what can you do for me?

What can’t we do!? First submit your business listing, to appear on our maps and help customers find your business. You can create personalised posters for your store, which feature your wallet QR code, making it easier for customers to pay you. You can start selling products online with our plugins. If you’re looking to tell your network about your great ETN offers, use our social media generator to create professional posts, using your pictures and our branding.

10. I want to earn more ETN to spend in other stores

We have a fantastic freelancer platform called AnyTask, that allows you to sell digital skills online and be paid in ETN directly to your wallet. There are no seller fees, unlike many other freelancer platforms, so everything you earn is yours. We have a range of buyers across the world, looking for professionals to provide flexible services in design, programming, translations, voiceovers, animations and more. Visit www.AnyTask.com to find out how to become a seller.

11. I have a business and want to hire experts

Our freelancer platform is filled with professional and talented digital experts that can help with all aspects of your business, from logo design, website building, voiceovers, video editing, translations and more. What’s better is our sellers are up to give times cheaper than other freelancer platforms. Plus, the sellers are paid in ETN, which means they have more to spend in our merchants!

12. I have another issue

Just contact our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will be happy to help.

13. I have a press enquiry

You can contact the press team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our team will be happy to help with any press enquiries.